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Copyright-free graphics

This page contains links to graphics that may be used for educational or non-profit making exercises on the web. (For sound files go to the sound section) Please acknowledge that you have got them from this site if you make use of them. They are all primary resources - graphics that I have made from scratch and any 'fills' I have used have also been sourced from primary sources or secondary ones that are copyright free (like 'marble' samples etc).

They are therefore suitable to use in DiDA coursework - but make sure that you acknowledge the source and clearly show how you have adapted it to suit your theme.

I will be adding to this section of the site as I deliver the course. Please look back from time to time to see what has been added!

Links to pages with graphics I have created for you to use:

Button backgrounds

Glass domed buttons

Shapes and objects



Cubes and boxes

Faceted gems

Spheres and balls

Backgrounds for headings



Banners for headings

Chritsmas Graphics


Snowy letters

Click here to go to a page that lists inks to other sites that might be useful