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Copyright-free graphics

Links to other sites that might be useful :

There are some wonderful free graphics places on the web - and also many that will try to get you to pay for them, bombard you with spam or infect your computer!

I will advertise here the ones that I have found that are free and offer useful graphics. I will add to the list as I find them. Remember to acknowledge the source of your graphics if you use them - in a DiDA project amend the graphic to suit your theme!

Carefully read the conditions of use - lots of free backgrounds for you to use.
This site has wonderful free backgrounds for you to use - check it out!
Textures are very useful when designing. This site has good quality ones for you to use. It is well indexed and easy to find what you want,
This site has a wealth of images - the link takes you through to the page that explains how they may be used. It contains a lot of silhouettes. See this page for how to make your own!
This site has some superb graphics on it! Ribbons, shields, backgrounds - wonderful stuff! Take a look....
There is a big mix of images on this site by a lot of contributors - photos and graphics. This link takes you through to the 'terms' page. Read it carefully. There is a big mix of images on this site by a lot of contributors - photos and graphics. Each image has its own conditions attached... read them carefully
There is a big mix of images on this site by a lot of contributors - photos and graphics. Each image has its own conditions attached... but be careful - some of the images are suspect. See the Spongebob example below.

Totally free clipart and animated graphics... no pop ups or registration required! You may download any of the backgrounds, images and animations in this collection for personal use, including web pages, email, crafts or blog sites.

Some nice pirate, underwater and fairy ones in here...

Some of the graphics on here require you to contact the originator. Nice animated gifs - upload them and see how they are made by looking at the frames in Fireworks.
Public domain clip art site. Good search facility to find the graphics you need.

This site lets you design your own logos and buttons.

Here is a link to a site of tutorials for creating your own text effects in Illustrator (new name for Fireworks)

Another site that lets you design your own logos and buttons. See this page for more information and some samples.

If you are lucky enough to have photoshop at home (we haven't got it in school - though I'd really like us to have it!) you can try out these fantastic effects. Tutorial link.

This site has lovely illuminated letters that you can use/add to.... and beautiful border designs.
This site also has a wealth of old sketches and designs.
This site has complete books scanned for you to enjoy - maps might be useful - but more for history than for DiDA - do talke a look though - fascinating!
This site allows you to design a cover for a folder or book.
This site has mainly photos - but it does include some nice backgrounds and symbols too - well laid out.

Examples of what you can get on the web...

The originator of these cute creatures wants you to appreciate her art and use it. Check it out!

The Spanish company that produced these faces have put them out as ' Free for Personal and Commercial Use '... but I wonder if they have permission from Nickelodeon. In a project I would avoid such obviously copyrighted images unless you have personal permission from the originator! Use common sense when taking 'free' images from sites - err on the side of caution.

Countries have different laws - in one country you may be breaching copyright whilst in another it may not be a problem. That is how counterfeit goods can be mass produced abroad - legally in the country of origin - but an offence when you bring them into this country.

It is only a project - don't risk everything to use a graphic that might be unlawful! For your own site it would probably be okay to use these and refer to the page that gave you permission. Then if there was a copyright issue it would probably by-pass you and go to the Spanish source... but it is best to contact Nickelodean if you really want to use them!

I have contacted Nickelodean to ask for their response.

There are also a lot of sites that allow you to make up your own characters. You can then take a screenshot of your creation and use it as a basis for a graphic creation of your own!