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Glass button assembly parts

The copyright free section of this site contains graphics that may be used for educational or non-profit making exercises on the web. Please acknowledge that you have got them from this site if you make use of them.

This page contains the graphics you need to assemble your own glass domed buttons. To do this you need to make a button in Flash. There is a tutorial that shows you how to do this: button making tutorial.

This is what your buttons will look like when you have assembled them:

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At the back of your button you need the metal base:
On the top of the whole arrangement you need the fixing ring:

You need two versions of your glass cover - the one for the 'mouseover' should be brighter than the other - giving the illusion that it is 'lit up' from the back when you select it.




The sound of the 'click' is copyright free - I downloaded it from one of the sites that provide such assets - see here for copyright free sound links.