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Keep in Contact with Cybercomputing...

There are several ways that you can contact me - or keep up to date with latest additions to the site.

E-Mail There is an e-mail contact form for you to fill in. I cannot promise to get back to you immediately... but I will answer any queries you have as best as I can.
Twitter If you sign up to Twitter you will get messages that tell you when I have made an update on Cybercomputing or the sister site Cyberphysics. I do not 'generally' tweet about anything and everything. The site is simply to tell you about updates and changes on the sites. Cyberphysics was my initial site and has about 2000 hits a day - therefore the name of the twitter account is cyberphysics. I will however use the site to notify of additions/changes to cybercomputing too.
Blogger The Blogger is rather like the Twitter account - only for updates to the site.
You Tube Cyberphysics has a You Tube Channel. It is on this site that I put all of my 'vid-clips'. The are mainly physics related - but if I add any computing ones they will be on there!


My sites are designed to aid teachers deliver subject matter via a whiteboard, set homework that incorporates individual extended reading and reading around a topic. They are also suitable for independent study or revision for examinations. I have also had positive feedback from parents who have used my sites to help their children with their studies.

I am the author of two teaching/learning/revision sites: Cybercomputing and Cyberphysics.

I have also set up a site for my husband that teaches how to play chess - Cyber-Chess.