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Cybercomputing: The Gaming Annex

The cyberworld is inhabited by millions of cybergeeks playing in isolation or connecting via the ethernet to a global community.

The average age of that cyber-community is 'young' and the complexity of the developed language associated with gaming makes it difficult for non-gamers to understand how the cyber-world is developing.

Psycholgists (and parents) show concern over the personal and social impact regular gaming can have on an individual - and the knock on effect such changes will have on society.

Gaming can be social or isolating, educational or distracting, character building - helping you to discover your inner self or psychologically destructive - desensitizing violent behaviour responses - the jury is out on whether it is beneficial or harmful.

What cannot be denied is that it is an important phenomenon of our time. It is changing and growing at an amazing rate. It cannot be ignored.

I hope that this section of Cybercomputing will broaden your horizons and make you think more deeply about the effect the gaming phenomenon has on you. I hope it will persuade you to broaden your gaming experiences and appreciate the wide range of options open to you as a gamer.

I hope that it will also be useful to parents and educators - in that it will give them a glimpse into the cyberworld that so many young people spend a large proportion of their leisure time exploring.

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