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Welcome to the Computing Science Section of Cybercomputing

Since the decline of computer studies in UK schools many computer users have little knowledge of how a computer functions or of simple computer programming.

Early home computers made it easy to learn some basic (pun intended!) programming skills but today's PC does not make it easy to do so. Therefore the average computer user has little understanding of how the computer is able to perform tasks.

These pages are designed to give a glimpse of the realm of computer science to those who are not studying computers at college. I hope it will prove interesting and stimulating.

The problem I have encountered with web pages written by 'computer geeks' is that they communicate in so much jargon that the 'man in the street' cannot get a 'big picture' of what the author is talking about. I hope to translate that information into a form that anyone can understand.

Hopefully this section will inspire you to look into the subject at a greater depth than this site is capable of!

This section of the site is divided into the following sections:




computer coding languages.

computer graphics

These sections can be accessed via the dropdown menu at the top of the page.

There is also a glossary of computer science terms - and an acronyms section - as computer geeks seems to like to communicate in initial letter abbreviations LOL!

If you look at the icons at the top of the page you will find that there is also a maths section.

Glide your cursor along the top and see the maths icon light up! Maths is an important part of computing. I intend to add useful maths information and links as I go through the topics.

You will find that there are links to the electronics section of my cyberphysics site. Computers are electronic devices and to understand how they work you need a certain level of electronics. I attempt to cover the essential computer related electronics in that section.

When you enter these sections you will go to the index page for that section.