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PowerPoint presentations are a fun way to give a visual aid to a talk that you have to give.


You have to think of your audience and design the PowerPoint suitable. The language you use (complexity and vocabulary), the font you use, the colour scheme you choose... all will depend on who is to watch the presentation. It should NOT reflect your own personality - but rather should bear the audience in mind as you deliver the subject matter

Design Template

You need to have a 'theme' for your slides - there are several design templates to choose from already made up for you - but it is more fun to design your own!

Remember that the background should be restful on the eye - you don't want to give your audience a headache. You can use a dramatic background at certain points in the presentation to make the audience 'sit up and take notice', but generally you should make it 'easy on the eye'.

Choose a font style and size that is easy to read - remember that not everyone has good eyesight - make it easy for them to read your information.

The font colour needs to make a good contrast with the background. Choose a colour for your font that works well with the background you have chosen - good contrast without clashing. Remember that projectors do not give as bright an image as a computer monitor screen - try your PowerPoint out on a large screen if you can.

Slide Layout

Do not put too much text on any single slide... just the key points!

Place images so that they are framed within the slide - don't make them too overpowering, If you have to present several pictures on one slide try overlapping them.

Saving Your PowerPoint

Always save your PowerPoint as a 'presentation' (the default choice when saving) as that will allow you to amend it. But if you are sending it to someone - or submitting it as a final piece of work save it as a PowerPoint Show

How to make a presentation using PowerPoint

These PowerPoints tell you how to make a PowerPoint presentation...

PowerPoint 1 Text and Images
PowerPoint 2 Adding Sound


Click here to go to a page that shows you how to make a 'That's All Folks' last slide graphic. You can then use it to end your presentation.