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E-cards are a modern medium by which recipients can receive greetings that are accompanied by animated graphics and a sound file. Artists are able to add an additional dimension to their work.

Artists use Flash to create mini-vidclips that can have personal greetings added to them. For a small fee a user can send an unlimited number of cards in a year. It therefore makes financial sense to the person who sends the cards - no postage costs and no outlay for a card - yet the opportunity to send something that will give pleasure and make the recipient smile. The recipient gets a visual and sound experience on opening the card and can carry the link on a mobile device to share it with friends.

The artist's work gets appreciated in a different way. Paper cards are displayed on the mantlepiece for a couple of weeks and then thrown in the trash. The e-card has a longer 'shelf-life' and allows work to be appreciated in a different medium - while still allowing the recipient to print out a hard copy if they so wish.

Here are a few sites that I have found that produce high quality e-cards.

Your cards will not be to that standard straight away - but it is a pleasure to make the card for you and a pleasure for your loved ones to recieve something that is individual from you... so get thinking!

There are tutorials on my Flash page that show you how to incorporate various features in your creation. You have to use your imagination and creativity to make your own e-card.

Here is an e-card I made from my husband to send to his chess freinds at Christmastime.