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Dreamweaver: Applying a template to a page

See making a template

When you create a new file you can apply your template to that page and the structure and settings you set up on your template will magically appear. You will then be able to amend the information in the editable regions - but will not be able to amend those that you have designed to remain constant.

This is a great boon to site designers as it allows them to change to 'look' of their site with minimum effort.

Go to Modify - Templates - Apply Template to Page

The following box will appear:You can have several templates set up for different types of page - all pages of one type will then have good consistency.

.. but we only have one - so select that.

If your page already has text on it you will be prompted to choose where you would like that text to be placed.

You need the text (document body) to goi in the main editable region.

You text will then be within your template - you can then finish off the page - add title etc.

Here is a link to an e-portfolio developed from this design