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Adventure Games

An adventure game is a video game in which the player assumes the role of protagonist in an interactive story. The game play progresses via exploration and puzzle-solving instead of physical challenge as in action games.

The focus on a story-line allows programmers to base games on film scripts, TV series and literature (both classical and comic book).

Nearly all adventure games are designed for a single player, since the emphasis on story and character makes multi-player design difficult. The player collects items found during the exploration of scenes to use later in the adventure. Adventure games require lateral thinking skills as the collected items are stored in an inventory and are needed later in the game. Not completing one scenario usually means that you have not got the item in your inventory needed to complete a later one. Navigating back to earlier scenes is often necessary and a map page of sorts is usually a feature of such games.

Books explaining how to solve the puzzles in the games have been published - as well as web sites that advise on game progress. Dedicated adventure gamers view the use of such tools as derogatory. The point of the game is to gain the personal satisfaction of solving problems and tests - not to complete because of someone else's help!


In the Western world, the genre's popularity peaked during the late 1980s to mid 1990s when many considered it to be among the most technically advanced genres, but it is now sometimes considered to be a 'niche' genre.

In East Asia on the other hand, adventure games continue to be popular in the form of visual novels, which make up nearly 70% of PC games released in Japan.

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