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Word Processing

Not everyone learns best by reading books or in a classroom situation!

Often the best way is to learn is to control the pace at which something is explained to you. Video clips are one of the best things about the internet. Watch the recording, stop it, start it, rewind or fast forward - you can work at your own pace and see it as many times as you need.

Rather than having to put up your hand and wait for the teacher to show you how to do something, you can now find out for yourself at home.

The links below take you through to a site that contains Flash tutorials that you can use for independent study. The short film clips explain each feature to you in detail. I did not make these clips but they are free to use they come from a site called

The video tutorials are arranged in groups:

  1. Starting off
  2. The basics
  3. Text and paragraph layout
  4. Text formatting
  5. Spelling grammar and text replacement

Starting off Basics

Text and paragraph layout

Text formatting

Spelling, grammar and text replacement