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Using the keyboard

Mistakes can happen quickly on the computer keyboard because of its sensitivity. As you type, don't hold down the key after you depress it. If you do keep your finger depressed on a particular key, it will keep sending the computer commands.

In this case it will be sending specific commands to repeat itself. So your result will be a string of unwanted characters displayed onscreen.

On the computer keyboard you often use two or more keys at the same time. Holding down the shift key when you press a letter key results in your typing the upper case letter.

The number keys have the 'shift' version of themselves printed on the key above the numeral. You will see a key marked "Ctrl" This key helps you give the computer commands in combination with other keys (such as Ctrl+P to print a document in many programs). 

When managing applications you wil learn that pressing "Ctrl + Alt + Delete" is a useful trick. You depress these three keys simultaneously when you just want to get out of whatever muddle that the computer has left you with.

You will find that you get quicker at using the keyboard as you get more practice. If WGHS students want to learn to touch type there is a program on the school sytstem that pupils can use... or you can use this free web-based one at home.