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Site Maps

A site map allows others to see how your site (or e-portfolio) is structured. If you are on a computer course they will insist that you do a site map. If you are using software like Dreamweaver the sile structure serves in some way - but a sitemap helps others who have to assess the structure of your creation to see how well you have designed the site.

is a wonderful free site that you can use to make a site plan - it is very easy to use and you can export it in html to put directly into your site, or as a pdf so you can use it as a handout.

You need to register to use the site and if you feel grateful for the time it saves you (or just generous!) you can dontae money to help cover its running costs.

The site producers have made vid clips to show you how to use the site:

How to Create a Site Map

How to reorder your site map if you make a mistake

How to export your creation as a pdf