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Choosing a font (typeface)

I suggest you use a commonly available font for your page. Using an unusual one will only result in problems for some users - and you want your site to be widely viewed as you intended it to be!

To view a webpage from the world wide web the user has to have that font installed on his/her computer. When writing a web site you have to take this into account. If the font is NOT on the computer the computer will substitute a default font and that can lead to your layout being altered to a great degree.

Generally speaking, these 'web-safe' fonts are: Arial, Verdana, Courier New, Times New Roman, Comic Sans MS.

This is Arial.

This is Verdana.

This is Courier New.

This is Times New Roman.

This is Comic Sans MS.

Dreamweaver offers you the commonest fonts when you set up a document. Choose one of those. If you want to add a fancy font for headings etc. they you can create graphics for your headings....

...but bear in mind that those graphics will be of fixed size - if the user asks the computer to increase the size of the font - your text will change but your graphic headings won't!