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Inserting a CSS Buttoncontainer

One of the most efficient ways of making jumps between pages is to use a buttonscontainer. This text has to go in the script for the page within the header section. So it is therefore for the more adventurous among you!

You can 'tweak' the container to be just what you want by adjusting the size of font, colours and width of the column.

Unfortunately you cannot just copy and paste the code from here - spaces will be converted into unwanted coding. Here is a link to this coding in a txt file. You should be able to paste that in without any problem. You need to paste it just before the /head in the coding source of your page. When you do you should find that it converts to the colours shown below...

Within the main body of your document you need to make a column for the links to 'live' in. On this site I have a column on the left in my template. They column should be about 120 pixels. When you have made a column put your cursor is at the point in the column you want your button to appear and then look at the code - you should be at the correct point in the code so type in the following (starting with <p class....

That will make three 'buttons' appear: TITLE1, TITLE2 and TITLE3. You can change their names to whatever you wish and put in web addies for them to jump to. Try changing the colours and/or text style.