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Flash - Simple Animated Script

In this lesson we are going to use Flash to 'write' - to draw a treble clef....

Open up a new Flash document. Call it 'Script' and save it.

Now find a graphic of a letter, signature or some other symbol - perhaps a photo of your signature (but avoid one that you would use on cheques etc. ..... you don't want to teach the world to sign forged documents!).

Save a series of gifs of that symbol - each time rubbing out part of it so that you have a series of gifs that show how it was constructed. Number them in reverse (the completed symbol should have the highest number).

Import them into your Flash document and test the movie - adjust document settings to get the speed you require... add text and buttons to navigate, music, voice over... whatever you wish

Here is one I did earlier!

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You can of course do the whole thing in reverse to show something being rubbed out.... the only limitation is your imagination!