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Flash - Fading 'in and out'

In this lesson we are going to make an image fade in and fade out

Open up a new Flash document. Call it 'Fade' and save it.

Layer1 will already be there - relabel that 'graphic'.

Insert a keyframes at frame 50 and put a motion tween between them.

Now click onto the keyframe at frame 1. Select the graphic.Now look in the properties box.

Color is set as none - change that to Alpha and the percentage to zero.

Now test your movie. You will see that the picture fades in. I think it is a bit jerky at 12fps - so change it to 24 fps - Modify - Document - then change dialogue box frame rate.

Okay now lets to a fade out.

Insert a keyframe at frame 120. The computer automatically adds a tween fro you - delete that by selecting the tween arrow and right clicking - then choose 'remove tween'.

Now insert a keyframe at frame 170 and put in a tween. This time select the last frame of the tween to change to Alpha and 0%.

Now we need to make it stop at the final fram - add action script of stop(); and you have your Flash Fade document.

Click here to look at mine.