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How to draw a banner

I have found a lovely tutorial on how to draw a banner!

Most of you will not have a Wacom pad you could therefore draw the outline out on paper and scan it in - unless you are a reall pro with a mouse.

I am assuming you are starting with an outline similar to the one below:

We can now use Firewoks to fill it.How you fill it is up to you - I have used a radial fil for this effect...

here I used a gradient fill..

and here... waves (in copper)

What effect you make is up to you! Experiment and make the banner fit ion with your theme.


All of the graphics on this page are my own work. They can therefore be used with my permission. Just acknowledge that you got them from and refer to this permission statement for their use and adaption by you! You need not e-mail me for permission - just refer to this page.