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Text games

Text games were the earliest MUD games.

In a text game, players read descriptions of the environment, room features, objects, other players and non-player characters.

Players typically interact with each other and the virtual world by typing commands that resemble a natural language. The choice of actionsthat can be performed in the virtual world are prescribed by the game designer (programmer) - the player can therefore make choices from a text list of options available or keywords can be typed in and the program responds with the action that contains that keyword.

Words such as 'look' can be used to see what is around you. Compass point references: 'north' 'west' will get your character to turn and look that way - describing what is seen.

'Take' will alllow you to take items and 'inventory' will list the inventory for you. You usually need a verb and a noun - the computer copes quite well with simple language and tells you if it doesn't understand. Why not try your hand at it? It will give you a grasp of what communicating with simple robots will be like!

This link takes you to a playable text game - Zork.