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Puzzles are an excellent way to get a child involved in an activity. The puzzles I have devised can be done either as a group exercise or as an individual activity. Some raise awareness of patterns, some of word structure, some give number practice and aid drawing skills, but all are a fun way to tackle learning and the application of it.


Class Involvement

Using the whiteboard you can put the puzzle up in front of the whole class. Then, depending on the type of puzzle you can ask for volunteers to complete the next stage, ask questions about what can be done next etc.

Or you can split the class into two groups and get them to compete against each other.

Not only will the children benefit from the problem solving activity - they will also hone their social skills!


Parental Involvement

Because the activities are on the world wide web you can share the web address with parents of those children you feel will benefit from playing with the puzzles at home.


crossword puzzles Only one in place at the moment... I have work to do!
dot to dot puzzles The old favourite with a new twist - do it on the computer screen or whiteboard. Some have numbers, some have letters (alphabet or spelling out a word)
jigsaws Useful as a plenary
sorting puzzles Great fun for discussion work as a class.
tic tac toe Could be classed as a maths activity - lots of themed ones for you to use.
word searches Great fun as a class activity. A fun way to reinforce vocabulary learning and spelling.