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Whiteboard or Computer Terminal Activities

I have devised several activities that are designed to help children develop thier computer skills - using the keyboard and/or mouse - writing with a whiteboard pen or using a graphic tablet.

The activities are also designed to give practice to handwriting, drawing, sorting items, drawing lines and also to allow them to use their creative skills - choosing colours and making pictures out of shapes.

Class Involvement

Using the whiteboard you can put the activity up in front of the whole class. Then, depending on the type of puzzle you can ask for volunteers to complete the next stage, ask questions about what can be done next etc.

Or you can split the class into two groups and get them to compete against each other.

Not only will the children benefit from the problem solving activity - they will also hone their social skills!


Parental Involvement

Because the activities are on the world wide web you can share the web address with parents of those children you feel will benefit from playing with the puzzles at home.


Drawing boards These can be used for a child (or a teacher) to freely draw or write upon. Some have themes. They have an erase button to wipe the board clear.
Handwriting boards These have guides to help form letters in the correct proportion
Happy Birthday Boards

Some of these allow the child's name to be added (perhaps by the child him/herself).

Some have animations.

The birthday song is played as a soundtrack to accompany this activity and the class can join in.

Colour-me Line drawings to fill with colour.
Cyber 'fuzzy felts' Just like the felt shape activities of old these allow children to use their imagination to build a picture from shapes on the screen
Sorting activities Sorting by colour or action this activity can lead to alot of discussion

A stave is already drawn on a writing board - you just add the notes!

An animation shows you how to draw a treble clef.