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Jigsaw puzzles

These puzzles can be used for 'fun' - but for fun that helps children develop the fine motor skills required to position the pieces. Unlike many puzzle programs these do NOT 'click' the piece into place as soon as it is in the area. The child has to position it.

They help to develop shape recognition. They are only at the first stage - there is no need for the child to reorientate the piece - they are therefore direct shape recognition activities.

These are ideal to be done on a whiteboard. Children can volunteer to position the next piece.


Autumn Term Jigsaws - these cover themes such as winter, Bonfire night, Remembrance day, St. Andrew's Day, Advent and Christmas

Science Jigsaws - for use in science lessons

Personalised Jigsaws - examples of what you can do for your teaching group.

Odds- no category - just for fun!