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Glossary: TUI

There are two accepted meanings for TUI:

A text user interface or Textual User Interface (and sometimes Terminal User Interface), uses a text interaction with the computer. TUIs are different from command-line interfaces in that, like GUIs, they use the entire screen area and do not necessarily provide line-by-line output. However, TUIs only use text, symbols and colors available on a typical text terminal, while GUIs typically use high-resolution raster graphics.

touch user interface (TUI) is a computer-pointing technology based upon the sense of touch (haptics). Whereas a graphical user interface (GUI) relies upon the sense of sight, the TUI enables not only the sense of touch activate computer-based functions, it also allows the user an added level of interaction.

Many new computerised appliances such as phones, computer tablets etc. make use of this new technology.