My E-Portfolio to accompany my Treasure Hunt Project for D202 - Hidden Treasure Level 2

Welcome to the e-portfolio that describes how I produced my Hidden Treasure Project for DiDA course D202.

Personal details

Name: Miss Buffy Anne Summers

Date of Birth:  January 19, 1981

Candidate Number: 00345891

School: Sunnydale High School, Sunnydale CA.

Centre Number: 90-77-56


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Viewing the e-portfolio

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Software used in this project

This e-portfolio was created using Dreamweaver-MX 2004

The spreadsheets were created using MS_Excel

The flowcharts were created using the free softwrae on

The artwork package used was Fireworks-MX 2004

My project final product was produced using Flash-MX 2004

Size of E-Portfolio

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Site Map

The Design Links

Proposal Assets Table Map Design Puzzle Design Animation Design Movie Design

The Project Links

Initial Plan Ongoing Plan Project Review

The Treasure Hunt Links

Map InstructionsTask 1: Puzzles Task 2: Animation Task 3: Movie Coding Sheet Ending Finished Product


E-Portfolio submitted by Buffy Anne Summers (Candidate No: 00345891) - Sunnydale High School, Sunnydale Ca (905766).